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Marvel-Universe2 have just announced a new contest that is open to members and non-members alike. If you're interested in collaborating with another artist to draw two Marvel characters in each others' costume/uniform, check out the competition outline here or sign up for it here. You can sign up with a partner or on your own, whether you are a member of the group or not.

In other news, I just want to thank everyone who's joined so far. I've seen a lot of excellent work being submitted and I'm looking forward to seeing what else people might produce. I am, however, still looking for a Co-Founder. If there is anyone who'd be willing to help out the group that would be great.

I'm also going on holiday from Friday 20th to Saturday 28th, and whether or not I'll have internet access is still up in the air. I won't be turning off submissions, but there is a possibility your submission will get rejected because I spent too long not responding to it, so I apologise in advance for any inconvenience.
:bulletgreen: Rules :bulletgreen: Featured :bulletgreen: About Us :bulletgreen:

I've been noticing a lot of love for the Avengers, following the most recent Marvel film, so I had an idea. The movie had a few of the men, but not so many of the women, so this is a group to spread the love for all of the love interests who keep their men from falling apart, and the superheroes who are female. We all love a little girl-power now and then.

I'm pretty new to the Avengers part of the Marvel fandom, but I've done my best to organise the gallery folders so that the most well-known Avengers Girls have their own. If I've missed someone out, do let me know! And if you're interested in helping the group out as a contributor or a co-founder, the support would be appreciated.

Once the group gets going, one submission each day will be 'promoted' to the featured folder. There might also be a competition or two, if we get enough interest.
Boring, but necessary.

General policies:
:bulletred: Follow the deviantART site rules.
:bulletred: Be respectful of other people's art and opinions.
:bulletred: No spam. If you wish to advertise, send a note to the group or one of the admin and we will decide whether to share it with the group or not.
:bulletred: Any questions and queries should be directed in a note to the group or one of the admin, we can not guarantee a reply if you comment on the group page.

Submitting Art:
:bulletred: Where possible, try and submit to the relevant folder.
:bulletred: All art must have at least one female Avenger in it.
:bulletred: All art goes in one folder only, unless it has been chosen for the featured folder.
:bulletred: If your art has two or more female Avengers in it, it is up to you whether you put it in a character specific folder, or put it in the "Groups" folder.
:bulletred: All media types are welcome.

Mature Content:
:bulletred: Mature content is allowed, so long as it complies with dA site rules.
:bulletred: ALL mature content goes in the "Mature Content" folder, regardless of featured characters.

If you break these rules you will be warned. If you continue doing so we will ban you and potentially report you. Everyone makes mistakes of course, if you notice you've made one, just let us know via note to the group or to one of the admins.

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